More Ramblings

* What’s the protocol on white people singing rap lyrics when an N-bomb comes along? Is it acceptable to sing the word?

K-Rod and Putz probably
won’t blow 29 saves
next year

* Hey now, the Mets almost have a bullpen!

* You know you’re a big time NFL star when you have your own Onion article

* So a Congressman from Texas wants to introduce legislation to eliminate the BCS because he doesn’t think it produces a national champion in a fair way. What?

First, there’s a massive economic crisis and the fairness of being an American is highly suspect right now. Why not work on problems that affect more people than just which school gets a trophy.

Secondly, hasn’t anyone learned that NO ONE in sports cares about a fair method of determining a national champion except the fans. Those in charge only care about money.

No sport system in US pro sports is a fair method of crowning a champion.
MLB: unbalanced schedules designed to maximize attendance determine playoff spots, and more often than not, one of the top four teams in each league is unfairly left out of the playoffs due to geography and schedule. NHL and NBA the same. The NFL also (and there’s 16 teams in each league! Sscrap the divisions, play everyone once and take the top six. That’s a more fair method). NCAA hoops: Sure, everyone has to win six to be national champs. But the teams who get in are a subjective decision based on 10 very biased people.

NCAA college football is no different, only there’s 2 spots instead of 65.

* Yesterday’s 70 degree night where I could sit outside and be warm while smoking a cigar in December… that’s the reason I moved to New Orleans. Today’s 50-degree, gusty day of cold, cold rain… that was why I left the north. What’s that day doing here?

* When I was younger, I used to think that you could do something that would make girls just completely fall for you on the spot: Say the smoothest thing, wear the right cologne, etc. Like girls just had some magic button you have to press (metaphorically, I know there’s a physical magic button.)
When I grew up a bit, I now know that that’s ridiculous. If a girl likes you, she’ll think whatever you’re wearing smells great. Which is a great development for me: I can now sing Endless Love because it’s a great song without worrying I was accidentally driving girls wild.

* It’s extremely odd to me that I can watch UFO shows and see that there’s a preponderance of evidence that something unexplainable is going on… yet I never read about this stuff in the mainstream media.

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