Hotel Bars

One of the problems that plagues us on road trips is that after a night game, we go back to the hotel, finish working and wander down to the hotel bar. (That’s not the problem, wait for it). The problem is that these bars usually close at some ridiculous hour like 11:45 or earlier.

The bartender will usually inform us of other nearby establishments that are open, and tell us what time they close. But we have no vehicle but a bus. And since we usually have a real early wakeup call to fly home, we’re not leaving for another bar.

So my question is this: why do hotel bars close before other bars? Shouldn’t they be open later than all the other bars?

Think about it: A hotel bar is the safest bar for everyone, outside basement/home bars. The people there won’t be driving drunk. They take an elevator to their room. Yet by closing early, the bartender is tell us: “Have some drinks, get some alcohol in you. Drive to another bar to keep drinking, then try to get home safely.”

How irresponsible is that? Other bars should close earlier than they do, and hotel bars should be open way later than every other bar. There’d be less drunk driving.

And the hotel would make more money. People who actually lived in town would come to the hotel bar. Not just travelers. It would be adding an additional clientele to the business.

And think about how many people would end up crashing at the hotel if they were too drunk to drive? They could even give the bell hop a breathalyzer to test people leaving. They’d increase revenue. Especially when you consider that some people would buy rooms just to hook up with another local they met at the hotel bar.

If I’m ever at a small, private owned hotel, I am definitely sitting down with the owner and offering him this idea in exchange for a free bar tab at his suddenly rich establishment. Although, I highly doubt I’ll get the chance, since if I meet a guy like that, the odds the bar is open are extremely low.


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