Full Planes Rarely Crash

I believe people have mild psychic powers. Not like, Carrie/Firestarter type telekinetics, but that normal people can somehow just occasionally know things they have don’t have a rational reason to know.

For example, my best friend growing up was Tom, whom I played street hockey with daily growing up. He was younger than me, and a much better athlete. One spring morning, he had a hockey game and I told him I’d meet up with him later because I was going to play basketball. As I was walking over to my game, I suddenly had this sharp pain in my leg (the high ankle area). I took a couple steps and it just gave out. I paused, caught my breath and went to play hoops. I was awful and basically stood around because it hurt to move. It faded away as the game went on, and I got better. Over the next five to six hours, I forgot about the pain. It simply went away. I didn’t do anything to it, must have been a cramp or something.

Later afternoon, it was fine when I walked over to Tom’s. But as I approached his house, it dawned on me: We weren’t going out to wherever we were supposed to go that night. I started doing math in my head as I walked in. Sure enough, Tom’s sitting there with his broken leg in a cast. I said “about nine minutes left in the second period?” He replied “Something like that.” After telling me about the game and the play, and his trip to the doctors, I told him about my day. He told me they gave him some drugs when they set the break, and when he was coming out of it, he told his mom that he ruined my basketball game.

What’s unfortunate, is that the majority of things I’ve experienced, aside from occasionally knowing I’m about to hear a good song on the car radio before pushing the button to change the channel, or minor feelings of déjà vu for insignificant events, is that it’s never a premonition, just reactionary; Knowing something’s wrong, but still powerless to change it.

I think this “phenomenon” is the trace elements of skills we, as humans, once had. Back before communications, I bet people got feelings like something was wrong more frequently. Like the Time-Life books commercial: “A woman in Georgia has a burning sensation in her hand while doing the dishes… thousands of miles away in California, at the same time, a fire engulfs her sister’s home.” Back before phones, we’d get that feeling, but over time it’s become unnecessary: Someone will just call us to say something bad has happened.

I really wish this phenomenon would be something predictive, and help me out. Although, my cousin had one: He was at a family wedding while he was in his mid-20s, with his wife and his parents, and he woke up and was visible upset about something. Everyone could see that he was feeling tense and just, well, weird. They were getting into a rental car, and my cousin suddenly was adamant that he drive instead of his father. Everyone was talking in the car, and my cousin was in another world, completely ignoring them. They came to a blind curve, doing about 50 mph. On the other side of it, a truck coming the other way was just beginning to have an accident and spin into their side of the road. My cousin swerved, avoided the brunt of the collision and the car was clipped. The passengers were all in shock after the accident, but everyone was okay. My cousin, on the other hand, did not have the post-accident shock. He sat quietly on the side of the road, finally at peace. His mom noticed that the way he behaved earlier in the day was exactly like how everyone else in the car was acting immediately following the accident. A policeman answering the call of the accident told them that because of the bad sightlines, he was surprised that anyone coming around the corner like they were would have been able to avoid a head-on collision. He went on to add that it was a blessing that my cousin was driving, because his expert opinion was that my cousin must have lightning quick reflexes and anyone, including someone who was older, who didn’t have them, and everyone in the car was probably dead.

That’s seemingly miraculous, and I wish it happened more often, preventing harm to people I know and bettering people’s lives. But I’ll always think that on some level, people are mildly psychic. There’s too many known instances of people who have stomach aches or bad feelings, so they change their plans and therefore avoid disasters. You hear stories of “aren’t they lucky, they overslept and missed a flight that was doomed!” But plenty of studies have been done which show there’s a statistical trend when planes or trains crash, there’s an unusual number of cancellations or no shows. In other words, there’s more people experiencing those little reasons that make people miss flights (illness, alarm clocks, bad traffic, etc) when something bad actually happens, then when the same flights go off without a hitch.

Then again, most times, “reading someone’s mind” isn’t because of psychic powers. My friend Pease and I would often have moments of “reading each other’s minds” but it’s because we knew each other so well. I can’t help but think that my own experience with Tom’s broken leg, is because Tom and I were like brothers. It only makes sense. When we’d play hockey, I was 10 times better as a hockey player when I was on a line with him than when I’m not. We always knew where each other would be on the ice. We could make no look passes to each other’s tape. We just instinctively knew. One of our friends often said we had a sixth sense for each other, so it’s only logical that I knew where he was on the ice, and knew he got hurt. Even thought I was off playing basketball.

Of course, these psychic powers don’t seem to work when you try. In one instance, I was in bed and my arm was trapped under the body of an aforementioned girl. I was marveling at the connection we had made in our young relationship, and because it was very late at night I wondered if maybe it was psychic connection. Maybe she could read my thoughts! I then tried to telepathically tell her to roll over and release my arm so I could use the bathroom. I was wrong about the connection we’d made, not only because she didn’t read my thoughts of rolling over, but because the relationship soon went down in flames.

If only I’d had some premonition


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