The Ramblings

Stolen from Bill Simmons, just some rambling thoughts.

I picked CNN for Election Night because they had the best graphics. Not just the best, but the only ones which didn’t make me hate their network for having horrible graphics. We’ve had elections and TV for decades, people. It’s not that hard to make decent graphics that don’t annoy the viewer. One network had local graphics overlaid on national graphics, blocking them.

I’m digging that political journalists are color coordinating their outfits based on their own party affiliation. Get that all out on the table.

More impressive for “race relations” than Obama winning the election, is how many freaking white people are in the Obama crowd in Chicago. Including Jesse Jackson.

Holy Crap, Oprah is in Chicago. No wonder a black guy can go from an unknown nobody two years ago to president elect. Oprah is bankrolling him and brainwashing her millions of minions to vote for him.

I think Obama just stole a line from his speech from Independence Day. He just said “A nation for the people, by the people shall not perish from the Earth. We will not go quietly into the night. We will fight. We will survive.” Well, he did say that first sentence.

Coldstone Cake Batter Ice Cream. Mmmmm.

There needs to be an office code word for coming in late for reasons too embarrassing to reveal. Like, when you had Mexican food, and would rather be at home base than be in the office. If you’re a chick, you could probably just say “I’ve got a doctor’s appointment, uh, girl stuff.” and get no questions asked. Hell, you could probably take like 35 of them in a year and we’d think “Is that normal? I don’t know. Surely they don’t need to see a doctor every…You know what, I don’t want to know.” Even that is embarrassing because then people are thinking “what girl stuff?” We need an agreement that just saying “I promise I’m not being lazy, and I’m not hungover. Just trust me” is enough.

Next door to me, I have a neighbor who gets into loud arguments with her boyfriend at 2 a.m. or later and has domestic disputes where I’ve sat awake and pondered calling the police (sometimes for silence, other times for fear that some might get hurt/dead). While my neighbors who live above me are a young couple, whom I’ve never heard fight, and seem completely quiet and happy. But I know they have both a big, sand body punching bag, and a small, speed punching bag in the apartment. I think they are on to something.

We need that at the office. A room, soundproof, with Rubbermaid stuff you can throw and kick, punching bags and stuff you can break to relieve stress. Then next door, a big room of puppies, kittens and flowers. Then we could re-focus our chi before resuming work. Although, knowing this place, they’d screw it up, reverse the doors and we’d end up with a room of trampled flowers, dead puppies and crushed kittens.


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